Working Ability

I have spent the last couple weeks working on the code for abilities.  I created the code so that I could use it for every kind of ability, whether projectile or area effect, and I made sure I could use the same system for effects from items, weapons, or other.  I also set it up so that effects could be applied to targets with ease.

Hard to explain it all, but essentially, ability code took me a substantial amount of time to complete because I wanted to make sure the code was optimal and utilitarian.  Now, I won't have to create code from scratch for any other ability/effect related aspects of the game.

What is in this update:

  • Cooldowns for abilities
    • Displayed under the ability slots.
  • Separate ability slots
    • UI display for each slot, not dynamically named though.
  • Charges for abilities (Right click has 3 charges)
    • Going to create a display for amount of charges, because right now it's unclear.
  • Aiming abilities
  • Hold down an ability button to extend cast time
    • Right now this has no real use, but I will add code to make the ability more powerful depending on extended cast time.

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