What is The Champions of Goldcrest?

  • Playable Races
  • Ibixian - Honorable fighters who duel to rule the canyon.
  • Human - Sorcerers who draw their power from the demons that roam their long forgotten city.
  • Lizardfolk - Stealthy rogues who survive in the malicious jungle that they call home.
  • Aarakocra - Flying monks who easily navigate the large mountains of their regions.

Objective and Rules

  • The objective is to be the last person alive.
  • Each corner of the map has a sacred relic that keeps the region alive.  If it is destroyed, it releases energy that buffs the players who destroy it, but it also releases dark energy that slowly consumes the region around it.
  • In the central region, there is a fortress.  Destroying the fortress grants a massive buff and makes the dark energy consume all of the map.


  • Melee Combat- A selection of one handed weapons, two handed weapons, shields, and a variety of attack types.
  • Ranged Combat- Bows and arrows, throwing daggers, staffs and crossbows with a multitude of different ammo types to change things up.
  • Spellcasting-  Almost every spell will be learned from a spellbook, and most spells will have different variations, based on intensity.
  • Racial Abilities- Every race will have unique abilities.  This can range from passives (like Aarakocra's flight), or active abilities, like an Ibixian's ability to duel.
  • Item Abilities- Certain items will grant special abilities, buffs, or passives.


  • Strength-  Affects damage and carry weight.
  • Dexterity- Affects stealth and dodge.
  • Constitution- Affects health pool and stamina pool.
  • Intelligence- Affects mana pool, amount of spells, and power of spells.
  • Wisdom- Affects UI and HUD indicators and affects healing.
  • Charisma- Affects enemy agression, shopkeeper prices, and charm against enemies and players.

Party System

  • A party can be a max of 3 other players, or 6 other NPCs.  Essentially, an NPC correlates to half a player.
  • Parties can be performed before the game starts, or players can form parties along the way.
  • Players with high enough Charisma have the ability to pick up downed enemies.
  • When a player is downed (meaning they have been knocked to 0 HP, but are not dead yet), they can either choose to leave the game, or wait for someone to pick them up.  If an enemy player picks up the player, he/she can choose to either join the party or die and leave the game.
  • The leader of a party receives a 20% damage reduction from other party members
  • Players receive damage reduction from party members based on their Charisma stat.


  • You can increase your stats by performing actions that correspond to those groups.  For example, dealing damage levels your Strength, and successful dodges levels your Dexterity.  The only stat that does not work like this is Constitution.
  • Constitution levels over time.
  • Some items, abilities, and buffs will grant bonus stat boosts, essentially boosting the player's level.


  • Loot is being designed with the idea that items are more important that stats.
  • If a player finds a good two-handed axe, they should switch to being a fighter.  The same idea if they find a powerful spellbook.
  • Items will be designed to feel powerful and different.
  • Items are meant to change the entire course of your match.
  • Items can be collected and sold to shopkeepers, or used for crafting.


  • Enemies will come in different races and sizes, from Kenkus to Minotaurs.
  • Each race of enemy will have race specific abilities.
  • Enemies will have different combat behaviors.  For example, Lionfolk will always fight in an honorable duel, and Goblins will always hide away and then ambush you with ranged attacks.

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