Big Update Coming Soon

Due to work, I will likely not be able to work on this until Monday (7/24).  My goal is to get it done by Wednesday (7/26), but I will release an update if I don't think that's possible.

  • Adding a new Arena mode that will be actually thought out unlike the current one, which is just random walls placed arbitrarily.

    • Rooms will be connected by doors (read more about how these doors work) and tunnels.
  • Adding stats and energy for enemies to make more complex and diverse enemies.
  • Revamping current enemy models to be humanoids that have more obvious attack animations.
  • Adding a room difficulty system with random enemy assignment.  Basically meaning that each room of the arena will always be the same level of difficulty, but it will not always have the same type of enemy.
  • Adding two new energy systems: Kinetic energy and potential energy
    • Kinetic energy:
      • Affects attack speed and damage (will take some balancing)
      • The more successful hits you land, the more it builds up.
      • The less you move, the more it decreases.
      • If you miss a hit, it decreases significantly.
    • Potential Energy:
      • Affects maximum health.  Will also scale current health to new max health by percentage.  For example, 50 health of 100 max health will be scaled to 100 health of 200 max health.
      • Is determined by global height in the world.  If the player is underground, their max health will decrease.  If they are high up, their max health will increase.
      • Possibly have it affect movement speed.
  • Changing current health system to be called "Life Energy"
    • Visualized by the light beneath the player and by a health bar.
    • Abilities consume life energy.
    • Abilities still cost a percentage of your current energy, meaning that an ability costs more at max health.
    • Moving still affects health regen (which purposely goes against the movement for kinetic energy)
  • Adding power cells.
    • Power cells are used to open/close doors (place the cell to open, take the cell to close).
    • Power cells are used to upgrade abilities.
    • Power cells are used to power the towers.
  • Rooms:
    • Every empty room will provide a buff to the player.
    • Rooms will have a certain level of difficulty, which will be used in randomly spawning enemies.  This will keep the difficulty the same through every play-through, while also creating variety with the enemy types.
  • Doors:
    • Closing a door respawns the enemies in the previous room.
    • Closing a door also respawns the loot in the previous room.
    • Doors are opened/closed with power cells.
  • Tunnels: 
    • used to navigate from room to room, but they have more enemies and no loot.
    • enemies will respawn every minute, but only when there are no enemies left.
  • Towers will be on the outside of an area block.  Think of one block as an assortment of rooms in square area.  The towers create a border for the square area.
    • The top of the tower has a power cell.
    • The bottom of the tower has more difficult enemies, and loot.
    • Putting a power cell in the bottom and the top of the tower will reward a buff to the player.
    • The towers also act as gateways to the next difficulty block.
  • Loot:  There will be different weapons and armor that can assist the player.
    • Different sword variants
    • Different gun variants
    • Different armor variants
    • And the SwordGun will be difficult to get.

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