Enemy Animation, Tutorial, and Future Plans

  • Added a couple more sound effects
  • Finished enemy animations
  • Added a tutorial that dynamically sets the difficulty based on how well you do in the tutorial.

Plans for the future:

  • Rework swordplay to be more clean and satisfying
  • Rework battery system to be more balanced and interesting
  • Implement battery powered upgrade system
  • Create ranged weapon model
  • Implement and balance ranged weapon
  • Create weapon animations
  • Scrap current enemy models and create new ones
  • Create enemy animations for new model
  • Create new color palettes
  • Rework enemy AI
  • New world design, along with level design
  • Implement lock and key system, replacing the current door system
  • Create boss


ABS_Buildv1.2_Upload.rar 107 MB
Dec 30, 2017
ABS_Buildv1.4_Upload.rar 121 MB
Jan 05, 2018

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